Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Stories. I love them! I’ve always believed stories are a good teaching tool. Picture books and the more wordy books not only entertain but through them, children learn new vocabulary, sequencing skills, cause and effect and many other concepts. Besides, they are fun for parents, teachers and children. I recently read an article that gives even more support for using stories with young ones.

A psychologist at New York University, Jerome Bruner, says children have a difficult time organizing their world and so they turn their experiences and thoughts into stories. He states, “If they don’t catch something in a narrative structure, it doesn’t get remembered very well . . . ”  (from, "The Narrative Construction of Reality" (1991). Critical Inquiry, 18:1, 1-21).

So bring on the books and share some stories. I have one I’d like to share with you. The student in the video below, Nathan Yanez, is a volunteer who allowed me to record him reading a story for my speech students and for you. It’s less than three minutes long. I hope you enjoy Mama’s Needle.


May your New Year begin well and your life-story grow richer each day. 

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