Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer's End

My summer vacation is almost over and I’ll be back at school next week, but for now I’m enjoying my summer’s end with family, old friends and beautiful scenery in Juneau Alaska, where I lived years ago.

We’ve seen wildlife,

checked out some island settings for a story I’ve been working on,

and enjoyed a whale watching boat ride with plenty of action, even a group of humpback whales forming a bubble net. These clever mammals work together, blowing air bubbles beneath a school of herring then surface, mouths wide open to swallow the trapped fish.

We’ve enjoyed hikes along the Mendenhall glacier,

beside waterfalls,

My husband and I

and a good climb up Mt. Roberts.

My husband and niece, Kate

If you are an educator, I hope this new school year will bring many mountain top experiences for you and your students,

maybe not the literal kind, but who knows, it would certainly make an interesting field trip!