Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Wild Waves Speak

One of my students came bursting through the speech-room door, excited to tell me about his weekend, “Ye yent tor a beach yalk on da yeekend. Da yaves yer yild!” 

Trevor has a great vocabulary and loves to talk, unfortunately, not many people can understand him. If you are a speech therapist, you might recognize his “y” for “w” substitution (along with a few other errors.) Actually, you might recognize that substitution even if you aren’t a speech therapist - he is so consistent! 

Trevor isn’t the only child who needs help pronouncing his “w” sound but he is the one who inspired me to write the story, THE WILD WAVES SPEAK.

Capturing the magic of a day at the beach, this story reveals a child's delight in listening to the ocean, building sand castles and playing in the surf. 

Children will have numerous opportunities to learn the letter "w" and practice its sound as they join in the ocean's repeated whisper, "w w w whoosh." 

Trevor came in on another Monday, talking of “Yale.” My hope is he’ll soon be able to tell me about the whales he saw without my jumping to the conclusion he is making college plans. He’s definitely Yale material, but that is off in the future, once he’s taken care of a few pesky articulation errors! THE WILD WAVES SPEAK is sure to give him the start he needs.

Free Kindle version available through April 17, $2.99 after that date.