Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tup tapes!

Yesterday, a teacher stopped me in the hall to tell me a story about one of her students. She had been working on multi-meaning words such as, “can” as in “I can do it!” or “can of beans”. When this teacher asked her students to tell different meanings of the word, “tape”, one student said it could be a video tape, another said it might be tape on a present, and the last student said, “tup tape”. When the teacher asked for clarification, she said, “you know, like tup tapes for birthday parties.”

This is another example of “fronting”. Like the student in my last post, this child moves her tongue forward when it should be moving back – and she doesn’t even hear the difference. She also uses a “d” for “g” and says, “dot” for “got” and “date” for “gate. With practice, she’ll soon be able to pronounce these words and the next time she mentions cup cakes, everyone will know exactly what she means!

One of the first steps in learning to pronounce sounds is to practice them in isolation. I wrote a story which naturally gives children an opportunity to repeat the “g” as they help tell the story. It’s also designed to teach pre-readers the letter “g”. I hope you’ll click on the YouTube link below and share the story with your child.

If you'd like to own a copy of this story in soft-cover book format, please click book cover pictured below to get more information.

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