Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rules Rule!

Last week I introduced you to our cat, Solomon. Looking back at the photos, I realize you can’t see his adorable face so I’ve added another:

Of course he didn’t belong in the cupboard. In fact he didn’t belong on the kitchen counter, which he used as a launching pad to reach the cupboard. But we were in the middle of a remodel and he seemed to think the rules no longer applied.

Speaking of rules and adorable faces, take a look at one of my students:  

He wasn’t supposed to put on my reading glasses either but then again, I hadn’t created that rule yet. I must admit, I hadn’t even thought of it until he was wearing them.

But there are rules I had thought of and those are rules of conversation such as: respond to greetings, answer questions when someone asks them, take turns speaking, introduce topics so the listener can follow along, stay on topic instead of continually shifting to one of your favorites.

These rules may sound extremely basic but they can be challenging for some of my students. And those children who have the most difficulty with this area of communication often respond most favorably when they are given explicit instruction. They like to know the appropriate parameters of conversation. They may not always follow the rules but they often do with a few reminders.

And once again that brings me back to Solomon. He doesn’t always follow rules either, even with reminders. Then again, maybe I hadn’t communicated clearly that I didn’t want him in the bathroom sink!


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