Friday, October 14, 2016

Free Kindle Ebook for Halloween

October has arrived along with crisp rustling leaves, mounds of pumpkins, and requests for Halloween stories in the speech room. One repeated request is especially pleasing, “Read the ghost story. The one with a g  -  g   -  g   ghost!” Today, when I turned the last page, several children said, “read it again!” I haven’t told them I’m the author. After all, I want unbiased reactions to my work and I’m thrilled with the ones I’m getting.

Since this book has been so popular with my students, I wanted to share it with you. I’ve created an eBook that’s available for free on Amazon for a limited time.
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I wrote the story to give my students an engaging way to practice their “g” sounds but it’s also a good fit for Halloween.

In THE GHOSTLY NIGHT Kristy can’t sleep.

“The wind rattled her window. The full moon threw grasping shadows across her bedroom wall. They swayed with the rhythm of the wind.”

“Mom!” she cried. “There’s a   g  -  g   -  g   ghost in my room!”

Kristy calls again when the wind howls, when a branch scrapes her bedroom window, and when she sees her curtains move. Each time, the kids join in “reading” the repeated line, “There’s a   g  -   g   -  g   ghost in my room.” They can’t seem to help themselves. That makes for a lot of practice with the “g” sound. It also gives them an understanding of the sound the letter represents, a phonemic awareness skill that fits right in with the Common Core State Standards (especially RF.K.3a where students are expected to “Demonstrate basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or most frequent sound for each consonant.”)

One teacher told me her whole class erupted in clapping when the tables turned on the Mother at the end of the story. You can imagine how pleased I was to hear that report—almost as pleased as I was when I breathed in the autumn-crisp air this morning and poured a cup of cinnamon-spiced tea.

I hope you’re enjoying the season as much as I am and I hope you’ve found a good supply of autumn books to share with the children in your lives, and several more for yourself!


  1. That's a lovely story, Jeanette. Thank you for your generous gift. I'm not surprised the children love it, especially Mum's reaction and Kristy's bravery at the end.
    I'd love to join you in a cup of cinnamon-spiced tea, but we're moving into spring down here in Australia. I think cinnamon-spiced tea would suit springtime as well! Enjoy!

  2. Thank you for your kind word. I wish you could join me for a cup of cinnamon-spiced tea. I happen to think it is a good choice in any season!

  3. Such a clever way to introduce the "g" sound to kids! Plus it was fun to read. I loved it!