Wednesday, December 5, 2018

CHRISTMAS! Book review and Free Ebook

There was a lot of excitement in the Speech Room today when I pulled out, Mrs. Clause Takes the Reins, by Sue Fliess, Illustrated by Mark Chambers. 

Haunted Halloween

The students were captivated by the bright, colorful illustrations and the rhyming text. It was easy to add appropriate stuffy-nosed sound effects when reading Santa’s lines, “I’m stuffy. I’m sneezy. I’m slow as a yeti. My big ho-ho-ho isn’t holiday ready.” That had my students laughing so hard I was afraid we’d disturb the class next door. We did actually, but since I loaned them the book, they’re paying us back with laugher of their own.

Santa may not be ready for the holiday in this story but Mrs. Clause is ready to take the reins. Will she fight her way through a blizzard and tornado to save Christmas? You’ll have to read the story to find out. And if you do, I think you’ll find a new Christmas favorite to add to your collection. My students loved it and are hoping Sue Flies will write a sequel - they only ask that she add a unicorn to the team of reindeer.

While we are talking about books for Christmas, I’ve made a kindle version of my book, Mama’s Needle available for free through December 7. I hope you’ll take a look and if you like it, please leave a review.

Happy Holidays!


  1. I do too, as do my students, which is why it is such fun to bring her books into my classroom.